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UZACE is a Member of:


The Uzbek Association of the Consulting Engineers and constructors (UZACE) is registered at the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan on December 24, 2007 and is Nongovernmental and noncommercial organization.

UZACE is Association of the citizens, legal persons, on a professional basis engaged by engineering practice, which activity is directed on development of Engineering in Republic of Uzbekistan, generalization, analysis and distribution of foreign and national experience in the field of Engineering-consulting activity.

UZACE is Associated Member of International Federation of Consulting Engineers - FIDIC, that represents the Engineering-consulting industry at the global scale.

In its work UZACE is guided by the Charter and current legislation of Republic of Uzbekistan. UZACE’s priority task is assistance and help to its members in developing of their Engineering -consulting activity.

UZACE’s main targets are:

  • development and perfection qualitative consulting, engineering services in Republic of Uzbekistan
  • assistance in the decision of problems in this area, introduction of the best practice
  • protection of the rights and lawful interests of its members,
  • development and deduction of intellectual potential of Republic of Uzbekistan,
  • extending of Uzbek engineering services as an economic export’s segment in territory of other countries.

The members of UZACE can be the full age citizens of Republic of Uzbekistan recognizing the Charter, following the rules of the Ethic Code and assisting realizations of the purposes of UZACE:

  • main state design institutes
  • private design organizations
  • consulting-engineering companies
  • technical and economic universities located and registered at the territory of Republic of Uzbekistan

The requirements to the physical persons:

  • to have completed technical, economic or financial education
  • to have not less than 10 years of experience on the specialty
  • to meet to the qualifying requirements to the Engineer - consultant

The requirements to the legal entities:

The basic profile of work should meet following:

  • conducting design activity on developing of stages of the feasibility study
  • providing consulting and engineering services, technical and architectural supervision during construction
  • conducting building and repair work in the field of municipal, housing, industrial - civil construction
  • realization of works related to preparation of the diploma staff in sphere of conducting of civil work, engineers, designers of various categories
The UZACE membership is made on the basis of the written Candidates Application with filling the Registration Form of the Association Member.