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Working in consultancy business across different segments of socio-economic life requires the high responsibility. First of all responsibilities for:

  • The given services, which should be high-grade and appropriate quality;
  • achievable results, which should meet the requirements of the Clients
  • moral principles, from which the basis of the code of the Consultant consists

Abovementioned is only one of corner stones in the requested proposal on intention to establish professional association, which would assist to the raising level of consulting services on new heights by the joint efforts and mutual cooperation of the representatives of domestic and foreign sectors. It was the precondition for creation of the Uzbek Association of the Engineers – consultants and constructors (UZACE), which basic tasks are:

  • integration and coordination of members effort for the solving problems in the field of engineering.
  • study, generalization and distribution of the scientific and technical information and advanced experience in the field of construction, recommendation for introduction of new technologies and techniques of engineering-technical support of the investment projects.
  • Extending of Uzbek engineering services as the standard of quality in territory of other countries.

Implementing above tasks is obvious by:

  • Joint participation with state departments in examination of investment, technical and economic and other projects and documents
  • establishment of contacts and development of the international communications with similar associations, consultants and experts from other countries
  • organizing of training and study for the UZACE members, including trainings abroad
  • organizing and participating at exhibitions and seminars