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UZACE is a Member of:

UZACE Membership

        The UZACE members can be the full age citizens of Republic of Uzbekistan recognizing the Charter, following the rules of the Ethic Code and assisting realizations of the purposes of UZACE:

  • main state design institutes
  • private design organizations
  • consulting-engineering companies
  • technical and economic universities located and registered at the territory of Republic of Uzbekistan

        The requirements to the legal entities:

        The basic profile of work should meet following:

  • conducting design activity on developing of stages of the feasibility study
  • providing consulting and engineering services, technical and architectural supervision during construction
  • conducting building and repair work in the field of municipal, housing, industrial - civil construction
  • realization of works related to preparation of the diploma staff in sphere of conducting of civil work, engineers, designers of various categories
        The UZACE membership is made on the basis of the written Candidates Application with filling the Registration Form of the Association Member.
        Membership Procedures:
        1- Applicant fills the Application Form and submits it to UZACE with Official Letter of Motivation (Applicant can send filled Application Form and Official Letter of Motivation to:,
        2- Board studies the Application Form within 15 working days,
        3- If approved, Board meets the Applicant,
        4- Upon the Board's request Applicant provides with the;
            - Notarially verified copy of The Certificate on State’s registration of legal entity
            - Notarially verified copy of the Licenses (if any)
            - Number of employees
        5- Applicant pays the membership fee,
        6- Applicant becomes an UZACE member and receives an official Registration Letter.
        Membership Benefits:
        In addition to UZACE member benefits, accepted Applicant enjoys all FIDIC member benefits as well.
        Benefits of FIDIC Membership
        FIDIC’s members are national Member Associations, and firms belonging to these associations are FIDIC members. FIDIC offers products and services in several areas:
        Fair engagement procedures for consultants
FIDIC’s recommendations are being increasingly adopted by most influential international lending agencies in response to FIDIC representation.
        Best practice guidelines and principles in the procurement and delivery of services
FIDIC prepares, publishes and promotes Best practice guidelines and principles.
        FIDIC logo
FIDIC members have the right to include the FIDIC logo on business cards and stationary.
        Training seminars, workshops and courses
FIDIC training seminars, workshops and courses organized with Member Associations provide capacity development and possible certification. Member firms enjoy special discounts and preferential attendance if participation is limited.
        Access to the Multilateral Development Banks and other international organizations
FIDIC has developed excellent relationships with most of the main organizations whose policies and decisions affect the supply of intellectual services for the built and natural environment.
        FIDIC News
Direct reception via Member Associations of the regular electronic newsletter FIDIC News and the opportunity to advertise in this publication.
        FIDIC Reports
Direct reception, generally by email, of reports of meetings, notably those with the multilateral
development agencies.
        Advisor to national governments
FIDIC intervention can help dramatically in the promotion of new policies that improve the business environment for member firms.
        Opportunities for firms through international links
FIDIC organizes opportunities for young professionals to gain broader training and to establish
international links.
        Business practice
FIDIC provides international leadership on diverse issues such as quality management, environmental management, sustainable development and dispute resolution, and firms are able to access this expertise through specialized forums and internet-based tools.
        Professional liability
FIDIC provides essential guidance on liability issues, organizes the preparation of appropriate documents, and assists in the creation of national liability insurance schemes.
        Market surveys and business intelligence
FIDIC monitors developments in the international marketplace, and makes survey information available to member firms.
        Industry organization
FIDIC ensures the orderly international development of the consulting engineering industry and of associations of consulting engineers.
        International contracts
FIDIC contract documents are used in many countries. In countries having their own contracts, FIDIC is still recognised as being the foremost international standard. FIDIC membership is often a requirement for firms wishing to obtain licences to prepare amended FIDIC contracts.
       Mailing lists
Only member firms will be offered mailing lists of FIDIC contacts.
        FIDIC publications
Advance notice of new or revised FIDIC publications including contracts, and the opportunity to
purchase copies at member rates.
        FIDIC Collections
Only member firms can purchase through their Member Association collections of watermarked FIDIC documents at specially reduced prices.
The opportunity to participate in meetings with the FIDIC President and Managing Director during visits to their country’s Member Association.
        Committee membership
Eligibility to participate in FIDIC committee, task force and forum memberships in areas of expertise and interest.
        Annual conference
The opportunity to propose speakers and topics for inclusion in the FIDIC Annual Conference.
        Special Benefits
        Members registered in 2008 will be able to attend the first of the 2009 Training Series free of charge.